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The Truepill telehealth API will allow you to efficiently leverage our nationwide provider network for a clinical consult by a licensed provider in the state where your patient resides.

The process starts when you request a consult, and similar to our pharmacy API endpoints, you will receive notifications about your requested consult through our webhook events. These webhook events will provide updates on the lifecycle of your clinical consult.

About our providers

We work with 4,000+ licensed US providers ranging from physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners with a capacity to see 6.5 million patients a month on our platform. We ensure the highest quality of virtual care by providing ongoing reviews, training and assessments for providers on our platform. We also have the capability to recruit a specialized network designed specifically for your therapy area or clinical needs.

Shortly, you will also be able to access a patient satisfaction API where you can collect survey data from your patient about their experience and pass this info into the Trupill API. This will ensure that we can re-train and remove providers that do not maintain the highest clinical quality and patient satisfaction scores.

Types of consults

The two most common types of virtual visits are asynchronous and synchronous consults. Truepill also supports in-person consults in select cities.

Asynchronous consult

An asynchronous consult is a clinical consult where a provider can asynchronously review clinical data from your patient typically submitted in the form of a patient questionnaire. This questionnaire can be reviewed asynchronously and used to diagnose, treat and prescribe. If follow up questions are needed, a provider can request additional information from the patient.

Synchronous consult

A synchronous consult is a clinical consult where a provider is synchronously communicating with your patient - either by phone or video conference. Some states require that all telehealth visits take place using a synchronous form of communication, and asynchronous consults are not permitted in these states.

In-person consult

Truepill offers in-person consults in select cities in the country. If you are looking for more information about our in-person clinics, please talk to a member of our team to learn more. This service is currently in beta and available to limited partners at this time.

Clinical protocol review

When you decide to leverage our provider network, you will be required to submit a clinical protocol for review by our clinical team. If you do not have a clinical protocol or guidelines, our team can create one for your specific needs. This ensures that every clinical consult on our platform maintains the highest quality of care for every patient. Your patients' safety and wellbeing is our top priority and our entire API platform is built with this in mind.

You will not be able to initiate your first consult request before having a valid and approved clinical protocol. Once this protocol has been designed and developed, we can work with you to ensure you successfully set up your health questionnaire.

Bring your own provider (BYOP)

You can bring your own providers (BYOP) to the Truepill platform and leverage our telehealth-first EMR platform for your needs. This approach is commonly used by our partners that have their own providers but need the tools technology and infrastructure to re-imagine their patient experience. Depending on your needs, you may also choose to leverage Truepill’s built-in notification system that alerts your provider when an action is needed (eg new consult, patient message or followup consult). Please discuss your specific configuration needs with the Truepill team.

Assigning a provider

Assigning a licensed provider to your consult request is handled seamlessly behind the scenes by our technology. If you are looking to bring your own providers onto our platform, please talk to our team about utilizing our EMR platform and programmable EMR APIs.

This process of matching a high-quality provider to your consult request depends on a variety of factors, including the specialization location and availability of the provider. We manage the entire process of notifying the provider of your consult request. We ensure completion of this consult within our SLA guarantees.

Once a provider is assigned to your consult request, you will receive a webhook event notifying you of the assigned provider.

Consult workflow status

There are a number of stages and steps involved in the lifecycle of your consult request. Below is a summary of the most common status updates you should become familiar with during your integration journey:

createdConsult Request has been created and is waiting assignment
assignedConsult Request has been assigned to a licensed provider
unassignedConsult Request has been unassigned from a provider
acceptedLicensed provider has accepted the Consult Request
rejectedLicensed provider has rejected the Consult Request
startedLicensed provider has started the Consult
completedConsult Request has been completed
abandonedLicensed provider has abandoned the Consult
expiredConsult Request has expired
cancelledConsult Request has been cancelled

Create a consult request

A consult request can be created using our /consult_request API endpoint. Truepill will provide a receipt confirmation of the request, and multiple subsequent webhook events throughout the lifecycle of your consult.

Create consult request



Success response


Our telehealth platform provides full visibility into the status of your consults.ou will receive a series of webhook events relating to the status of your consult.

Consult assigned webhook:

Success webhook event


Consult started webhook:

Success webhook event


Consult completed webhook:

Success webhook event


Notify rx webhook:

Prescription notify event



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