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Improved Patient Experience & Outcomes

Learn how Truepill can reimagine your member experience and improve access to quality care.

Why Truepill?

We work closely with health plans to provide innovative, best-in-class direct-to-consumer solutions that have been proven to enhance patient experiences (NPS), drive adherence, improve patient outcomes and lower overall costs.

Reimagined Patient Experience

Learn how we build curated patient experiences designed to simplify the patient journey. Our network of clinicians combined with our pharmacy footprint allows on demand access to quality care and ability to receive medications directly to their door the next day.

Continuity of Care

Our dashboards and robust reporting capabilities provide real-time insights and analytics that help drive coordination of care with our partners and continuity of care for patients.

Reduced Total Cost of Care

Learn how Truepill’s technology, innovative programs, and collaboration with health plans are driving savings while providing improvement to patient outcomes.

How it Works: The Patient Journey

1. Referral Interface

Truepill provides a web interface to receive prescriptions from network clinicians or Truepill’s provider network

EMR Integration
Patient Awareness
Patient Education
Patient Information
Start Online Medical

2. Real-Time Therapy Optimization

Technology enabled assessment of medication and recommended interventions

Formulary Lookup
Lower Cost Alternatives
Provider and Patient
Adherence Interventions

3. Medication Delivered

One of our licensed pharmacies ships medications to the patient’s door

Insurance Billing
Customized Packaging
Co-pay Collection
Free Delivery
Cash Payment
Benefits Investigation
Medication Reviews
Manufacturer Coupons
Savings Programs

Plan-Branded Therapy Experience

Leverage TruePill’s direct to consumer engine to power a therapy focused patient experience.

Increased Net Promoter Score

Truepill’s best-in-class solutions have redefined convenience and access to care for patients. Gone are the days of fragmented care and long lines at the pharmacy.

Innovative Clinical Interventions

Truepill can seamlessly integrate with your health plan’s systems to intervene with prescribers and shift patients to preferred formulary medications.

Custom Clinical Programs

Truepill is your trusted clinical partner to innovate and develop novel technology enabled clinical programs that drive member engagement and quality outcomes.

Data Reporting

Our dashboards and robust reporting capabilities provide a real-time view of referrals in workflow as well as any interventions made on your plan’s behalf.

Case Management

By leveraging our technology, we reduce patient fatigue by accelerating the Utilization Management process as well as support multi dose packaging to drive adherence.

Our Pharmacies

Our team of licensed pharmacists and facilities across the country can ship medication to all 50 states. Learn more about our pharmacy capabilities.

Our Physician Network

Our team of licensed U.S. physicians and nurse practitioners can prescribe appropriate therapies over telemedicine or in person at one of our many physical clinics. Learn more about our clinical capabilities.

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