Pharma manufacturers

Direct-to-patient healthcare made simple.

Our powerful tools will help you acquire patients, drive adoption and adherence - and get product to your patients’ doors.

Bring your therapy into the digital world.

Re-think your traditional distribution channels and deliver a world-class patient experience.

Our platform provides all the telehealth, ecommerce and pharmacy fulfillment features you need to drive adoption.

Going direct to patient has never been easier.

Keep current patients on therapy. Find new ones. Retain them. We’ll help you do all three.

A customized digital experience

Patient-first experiences aligned with your product goals - designed for your specific therapy area.

Introducing hub-lite

Explore the benefits of traditional hub services at a fraction of the cost with our hub-lite model.

Grow your market share

Get your products on formulary with our growing list of partners and brands. Reach new captive audiences interested in your therapy.

Re-imagine your patient experience.

Whether you are launching a new drug or facing loss of exclusivity for your mature brand, Truepill can help you create a first-class patient experience.

Telehealth consult

Provide high quality virtual care for your therapy. Combined with a lab test, the possibilities for your disease state are endless.

Medication delivered

Ensure your product is delivered to patients monthly. Provide a delightful patient experience focused on adherence.

Delight your patients

Build a patient experience that extends your brand right to the unboxing. We’ll help achieve your brand’s vision through delightful custom packaging.

Market access at a fraction of the cost.

Traditional hub services are inconvenient for patients and expensive for manufacturers. We created Truepill Hub to solve that.

Think of it as “hub lite” - the best aspects of traditional hubs for all therapy classes, not just specialty drugs.

Control your distribution strategy today.

Insurance billing

Truepill has extensive insurance coverage and adjudicate claims for all major commercial and government insurers.

Prior authorizations

Exceed industry-leading “time to fill” metrics. We can handle prior authorizations across a range of therapies.

Electronic benefits verification

Understand your patient’s plan and benefit design in real-time using our programmatic tools and widgets.

Copay savings programs

Ensure your therapy is dispensed at the lowest possible price every time. We handle complex rebate and copay savings programs.

Patient choice

Remove all the friction from the pharmacy experience while giving your patients choice of pharmacy.

Real-time data

Get real time information on payer rejections, out of pocket costs, plan/benefit design for your therapy.

We build trust and lasting relationships with our partners.

We put customer confidentiality at the heart of every relationship.

It’s how we earn the trust that enables joint success.

The type of success these partners have already seen:

"Truepill handles highly customized packaging for our hair kits and single dose pouch packaging. Having a partner that truly represents our brand experience is critical to our success."

"Truepill enables us to scale our operations quickly and efficiently. We are excited to be using Truepill for our fulfillment needs as they build facilities across the country."

"Having a technology enabled pharmacy partner like Truepill allows us to focus on our core business. They provide full visibility into the pharmacy operation without us having to build it ourselves."

Let's get started

    Your patients are our patients.

    We support a broad range of therapy areas to service your patients’ overall health needs.

    Supported therapy areas include diabetes, cardiovascular, obesity, mental health, migraines, dermatology, men’s and women’s health and HIV prevention.

    Let’s start something great.

    Let’s start something great.


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