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Learn how Truepill can leverage technology best practices across the telemedicine ecosystem to power your unique patient experience.

Customized Experience

Build unique patient experiences aligned with your brand's mission & designed for your specific therapy area

Physician & Pharmacy Services

Tap into a network of physicians and pharmacies that can prescribe, dispense, and ship medications across all 50 states using telemedicine and in-person clinic visits.

Performance Marketing

Our in-house performance marketing team can help design ROI focused campaigns across all popular digital channels.

How it Works: The Patient Journey

1. Online Visit

Truepill builds a customer web experience for your therapy areas

Patient Targeting
Performance Marketing
Patient Awareness
Patient Education
Patient Information
Medical Assessment

2. Physician Consultation

A licensed U.S. physician reviews patient medical assessment

Asynchronous Visit
Electronic Prescribing
Live Video Visit
Follow up Care
In-Person Clinic Visit

3. Medication Delivered

One of our licensed pharmacies ships medications to the patient’s door

Insurance Billing
Customized Packaging
Co-pay Collection
Free Shipping
Cash Payment
Benefits Investigation
Medication Reviews
Manufacturer Coupons
Savings Programs

A New Experience
for Your Patients

Let Truepill reimagine the way your medications are marketed to patients. Stand out from competitive therapies with a unique offering for your patients.

Custom Clinical Programs

Learn how our telemedicine network of physicians, nurse practitioners, and patient care coordinators can design an operationalize customized clinical programs for your patient population.

Live Telemedicine Onboarding

Our clinical programs incorporate live telemedicine visits to help guide your patients through more complex therapies to ensure high adoption for first-time and refill patients.

Insurance Billing

Truepill can bill against all major commercial and government insurers for your medication. Direct-to-consumer offerings are not limited to cash prices andTruepill can power claims processing for your products.

Prior Authorizations

We handle the back-and-forth of prior authorizations to ensure that your therapy is successfully processed in industry-leading “time to fill” metrics across a broad range of therapies.

Complex Pharmacy Workflows

We handle complex rebate and savings programs and handle all the patient onboarding steps for your patients. Our goal is to ensure your therapy is dispensed in time and at the correct price for your patients.

Affordability Programs

Learn how Truepill can re-design a new approach to your patient assistance and affordability programs. Your patients live in the world of Amazon Prime, shouldn’t your affordability programs be the same?

Clinical Trial Bridge Programs

Transitioning your patients from clinical trial product to commercially available product can be a challenge. Learn how Truepill can design a custom program for your patients to ensure a seamless transition.

Loss of Exclusivity

Learn how Truepill can help your brand transition to loss of exclusivity with key programs designed to promote ‘brand over generic’ strategies using telemedicine or other online marketing strategies.

Channel Control

Strategically control your distribution channel to expand market share and product economics. From administration of Brand Global Marketing policies, to on-demand utilization reporting, we can help you focus on a narrow target, or larger populations.

Our Pharmacies

Our team of licensed pharmacists and facilities across the country can ship medication to all 50 states. Learn more about our pharmacy capabilities.


Our Physician Network

Our team of licensed U.S. physicians and nurse practitioners can prescribe appropriate therapies over telemedicine or in person at one of our many physical clinics. Learn more about our clinical capabilities.


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