Pharmacy fulfillment for every healthcare business.

Our URAC-accredited pharmacies can deliver medications directly to your patient’s door. Control every aspect of your patient experience through technology.

A pharmacy thatscales as you grow.

Our pharmacies have the capacity to handle your volume today, with a growing nationwide footprint.

We deliver medicationsto your patients

Efficiency. Scalability. Cutting-edge technology. Accomplished pharmacy staff. We can combine them to create pharmacy infrastructure designed for your brand.

Industry-first APIs

Deliver medications to your patients using powerful programmatic APIs that give you full control.

Flexible and scalable

Our pharmacies support daily order volumes of up to 100,000 prescriptions - all while maintaining your brand guidelines.

Customer confidentiality

As a platform company, we’re driven by our commitment to confidentiality and the privacy of your patients.

US physician network.

Licensed US providers who can diagnose and prescribe across 50 states.

  • Licensed US provider network
  • High quality virtual care at scale
  • In-person consults (in select cities)


Total visibility. Complete control.

Take control of your patients’ pharmacy experience with the first RESTful pharmacy fulfillment API of its kind. Easily manage thousands of orders a day - and drive first-class patient experiences. Start with our web product and migrate to our APIs to scale your operations.

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    Robust pharmacy APIs.

    Our pharmacy APIs enable you to manage and scale your pharmacy fulfillment needs. From insurance billing to prior authorizations, our APIs have got you covered.

    Your patients' safety is our priority.

    The way we see it, your patients are our patients. That's why our pharmacy staff make patient safety their top priority.

    They dispense, verify, package, and ship medications with a focus on patients' safety.

    Re-imagine your patient experience.

    White label pharmacy fulfillment. Just add your brand.

    We’re here to represent your brand. That’s why our pharmacy is set up to white-label your patients’ prescriptions - including your custom packaging and marketing materials.

    Simply supply your brand assets. We’ll bundle everything together and send it right to the patient’s door.

    Delight your patients

    Build a patient experience that extends your brand right to the unboxing. We’ll help achieve your brand’s vision through delightful custom packaging.

    Meet Quynh.

    Quynh is our Pharmacist in Charge in Hayward, CA.

    She runs one of only 10 URAC-accredited mail-order pharmacies in California. Your patients’ safety is her number one priority.

    Your full service pharmacy.

    Truepill offers a broad range of pharmacy and clinical services for all patients.

    Insurance billing

    We accept a wide range of insurance providers, and can perform copay checks to determine out-of-pocket expenses.

    Prior authorizations

    We work with insurance plans and doctors on prior authorizations - so your patients get their medications on time.

    Electronic benefits verification

    Determine your patient's plan and coverage details for a specific medication through our API.

    Customized packaging

    Multi-dose packaging

    Fast free shipping

    Personalized onboarding

    Patient education

    Patient monitoring

    Multi-language support

    24/7 patient support

    We’re building the most advanced, efficient, automation driven pharmacies in the world to help businesses achieve the most affordable and scalable pharmacy fulfillment.

    Let’s start something great.

    Let’s start something great.